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Meeting with buyers and Happy Hour will be arranged at “PABP Pavilion”, Hall 9 Booth 9-106, 9-108, Exhibitor Center Nuremberg.

Happy Hour: 2pm., 09.May 2018

Buyers seeking for business opportunities with Taiwanese outstanding companies in the pet animal related industry, please contact Ms. Angelika Weng.

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About Interzoo 2018

Launched in 1950, Interzoo gathers supplies for dogs, cats, rodents, horses and birds biennially for over 60 years. As the world’s leading exhibition for pet supplies, Interzoo drives innovation in the industry. In 2016, over 39,000 trade visitors sourced information on the latest pet food, accessories, grooming aids and technical innovations in the aquaria, garden pond and terraria segments from about 1,800 exhibitors from 61 countries.

Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park(PABP), Taiwan meets Interzoo 2018 in Nuremberg
Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park is leading an elite group from ornamental aquatic animal industries and pet healthcare and setting up the PABP pavilion in Hall 9, Booth 9-106 and 9-108. During the exhibition a diversity of new ornamental aquatic species, aquarium plants, and accessories like filters, food and lamps will be demonstrated. The information of six companies and associations are as following, sort in alphabetically ascending order:


Han Sheng introduce the “Good Aquaculture Practices” (GAP) for traditional medicinal herbs in Taiwan, also put effort on doing research on nanotechnology of products made of traditional medicinal herbs, such as health food and cosmetics. Research on fermentation products made of traditional medicinal herbs, such as health food, cosmetics, and animal drugs, is also the highlight of Han Sheng.
Besides, Han Sheng also keep improving the processing of traditional Chinese herbs and be able to extract components from Chinese herbs more efficiently

Jwo De Co., Ltd.

Jwo De Co., Ltd. positions itself as a major professional ornamental fish and shrimp exporter from Taiwan. Not only does it have its own fish farms, but also research & breeding facilities. Its brand, Silane Shrimp, is a world-famous brand for a variety of high-quality ornament shrimp .Silane Shrimp has won many prizes in various international shrimp contests, which proves its quality and leadership position.
Main products: clownfish, angelfishes and aquatic plants.

Larmax International Co., Ltd.

Larmax International Co., Ltd. is a company, providing solutions for ornamental aquatic animal & plant exports. Headquartered at the Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park since 2013, it is using standardized plants to innovate breeding systems and develop new products in cooperation with governmental organizations and reputed professionals. It possesses the biggest Neocaridina shrimp farm in Taiwan.
Main products: Neocaridina, Caridina, ornamental fish, ornamental shrimp.


Skyfish is an international renowned company specializing on breeding ornamental shrimps, a rare & beautiful species of shrimps.
Skyfish has not only developed the Taiwan Pinto - Galaxy Fishbone, but also the Metallic Blue Boa.

Currently, we have three indoor farms and one outdoor farm to provide more stable and high-quality Crystal Shrimps, Neocaridina Shrimps, Sulawesi Shrimps, and other various ornamental shrimps, which we export to more than 10 countries.


Taikong Corporation was established in 1977 and started a Taiwan-based marine ornamental fish exporting business. Moreover, the corporation owns the brand AZOO and is considered to be an inventor in the ornamental fish industry. 
Taikong Corporation is the first and only manufacturer in Taiwan, who obtained both ISO9001 and ISO14001.
In 2001, they successfully developed the world’s first (fully-fluorescent) transgenic fish TK-1. In 2007, they have built up the largest ornamental fish stock and shipping center; they started to export ornamental shrimp, freshwater fish, marine fish, aquarium plants, etc. They have almost 40 years of experience to fulfill the high demands and to offer their clients around the world the best service.

Taiwan Ornamental Aquatic Creature Association of Production, Marketing and Research

The association assembles Taiwan’s elite in the ornament fish industry producers, scientists and researchers, as well as distributors. It aims to create a common platform to exchange information and help producers maintain product quality, increase variety, and enhance production. 80% of the members work in the field of ornamental fish breeding and aquaculture industry, 15% are teaching professors, experts, and academics of colleges and universities, while 5% dedicating in ornamental fish sales.

Shall you be interested about the companies and their products, please contact Ms. Angelika Weng, Tel.:+886-2-8758-5836, E-mail: weng.angelika@taiwan.ahk.de





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