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Your Aim

Qualified and motivated employees are an enterprise’s most valuable assets. DEinternational offers German companies a personnel recruitment service. Our experienced consultants will be pleased to guide you through every step of the recruitment procedure. DEinternational follows a carefully planned selection process. Each step can be booked individually.

Our Offer

The procedure begins with understanding the client's needs, to subsequently source for the most suitable candidates. We screen and compile the resumes of potential candidates and conduct a reference check if required.

In the next step we organize interviews or arrange an assessment center for the most suitable candidates. You will receive the results for each candidate individually and in comparison with the group. This will allow you to see the applicant’s potential by comparing them in a group towards their skills and competences, communication style, their teamwork or leadership abilities. Final interviews of the customers with the candidates will be organized and assisted by one of our consultants.


Kelly Peng

Head of Legal & Investment Services
Head of Recruitment & Training Services

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