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Your Aim

You are looking for business partners in Taiwan, for example customers, distributors, suppliers or other service provider in order to enter or expand in the Taiwanese market or to supplement an existing business partner?

Our Offer

We support you to identify potential business partners or customers through a matching process individually designed according to your requirements. We establish contact with relevant companies, verify if the basic prerequisites are given and if there is an interest in cooperation.

Service Description:
We generate a questionnaire according to your specifications to create a profile for potential customers or business partners. We translate your company profile into Chinese and publish it for example on websites of relevant organizations of your business sector. Our service also includes necessary translations of documents for the ideal presentation of your company.

After a first screening of the interested companies we contact them for further verification and send you the profiles of interested candidates.

You choose the companies you would like to further evaluate. We get into contact with them, can visit them at their premises to meet your potential business partners and conduct further in depth interviews. We invite you to join us in Taiwan during this part of the process.

At the end of the research we provide you with a final report which contains contact addresses, contact persons and precise details about your prospective future customers or suppliers.

Contact us for a detailed offer and references.

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Leonie Yang

DEinternational General Manager

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