Your Aim

In the event that you alone no longer make progress in solving a problem with a customer or business partner, DEinternational offers a mediation service. We aim to help you and your business partner achieve an amicable agreement.

Our Offer

Our mediation will leave open the possibility to find a solution without harming your business relations in the long term. Thereby we aim for a mutual understanding agreeable for both parties, to save time and money and enable you to continue your business relations. We contact your business partner as a neutral mediator. Through constructive talks we support you to achieve a satisfying outcome for both sides.

Our Customers

"Although we had temporary minor issues with the judges, which are solved by now, as the required formalities have been taken place. In that context, I would like to thank the German Trade Office, because without your support and engagement, the company would not exist anymore."

Dr. Christian Glauer
Kanzlei GÖRG

"On behalf of the participating companies I would like to express our gratitude towards the German Trade Office Taipei as we appreciate the very good and trustful cooperation.  Besides I think that the services which are offered should be standardized as a new and official range of services and be implemented in all IHKs in Germany as well."

Axel Schulz
Authentics GmbH 


Kelly Peng

Head of Legal & Investment Services
Head of Recruitment & Training Services

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