Infobrief Taiwan,Bazaar Berlin Special Edition, 19.10.2015

Bazaar Berlin 2015 - A World full of Beauty

    Launched in 1962, Bazaar Berlin gathers arts and crafts retailers and manufacturers in Berlin annually before Christmas with enthusiastic buyers of high-quality ethnic and natural products for over 50 years. Year 2015, Bazaar Berlin will take place from 18-22 November.

    Bazaar Berlin has successfully presented a unique concept: "Global Market for Local Products". Each year, arts and crafts retailers and manufacturers meet in Berlin with enthusiastic buyers of high-quality ethnic and natural products. This event is truly unique in terms of size, overall experience and success.

Taiwan Pavilion at Bazaar Berlin 2015

  The National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) is the only officially recognized craft organization. The establishment of the NTCRI has to go back to Nantou County in 1935.The institute had dedicated to foster training and passing down tradition and heritage, as well as giving counsels to the local handicraft industry on improving quality and quantity. But aside from those previous goals, the institute had to quickly adapt to the latest trend, and has topped their agenda to promote Taiwan Craft characteristics, to cultivate the esthetics of the Taiwan people and to foster international cultural exchange.It's ultimate goal has been to cultivate craft appreciation ability among local citizens, bring forth beauty into the citizen’s life and foster cultural exchanges with international craft community.


  This year, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute is leading eight Taiwanese craftsmen to Bazaar Berlin and “Taiwan Pavilion” will also be set up at hall 17, booth number 127. During the exhibition, guided tours, live demo events by Taiwan craftsmen, DIY activities and buyers meeting will be organized.  The information of eight craftsmen are as following. 


Lin, Lung-chieh

    The design concept comes from fresh new buds sprouting from the soil. To make the vase a great complement to the flower arrangement, I design the flower holes on both the opposite upper ends of the vase. Therefore, it creates multiple-angles to view the flower arrangement. Thus, it makes the vase more functional in terms of arranging flowers in the vase.

Heart and Leaves - vase

Lin, Sung-pen

    Tung trees are very common sights all over Taiwan. Every year around early summer, and Tung trees are full of white blossoms. It creates a common sight of “Snow in May.” Every year, the Tung Flower blossoms in May. And when the wind blows, the petals of the blossoming Tung flower fall down like snow.

8-Piece Tung Flower Tea Set

Liu, Wu

   The work is made of bone china clay, and the spinning tack is made of stainless steel. It is painted with blue and white glaze, and fired into the lovable blue and white piece. The works come in different patterns, the Hibiscus-patterned, the peony-patterned and the daisy-patterned. Hibiscus symbolizes glory, the peony represents good fortune, and the daisy represents auspiciousness.

Blue and White Whipping Top

Zeng, Siang-Syuan

   The work incorporates the contour beauty of a woman wearing the Cheongsam into the blue and white porcelain. It presents the exquisite beauty of the female body and Oriental imprints. With hand-made bas-relief and blue and white paint, I try to blend in the color, fragrance, and spirit of the blossom into drawing on the delicate and smooth-surfaced bottle. Every brush and stroke is like stitching a piece of embroidery, creating a three-dimensional effect. The flower symbolizes the wise beauty of the female. In the past, the peony has been viewed as the flower of love. In the language of flowers, the peony symbolizes the commitment as well as the affection and sorrow when lovers parting each other.

A Suit of Blue and White Wine Bottle


Yi, Yu-an

    In Chinese culture, circle symbolizes harmony and good fortune. The color red symbolizes happiness and prosperity. For Chinese people, sun and moon represents both time and the divine. The inside of the red ball is inlaid with mother-of -pearl. The radiant shell emitting the blue-purple sheen is reminiscent of the galaxy. The work embodies universal imagery and becomes more complete.

Sun-Moon- Ball


Huang, Shu-ping

    The concept behind is to present the unique beauty of the Oriental vision. The Zen aesthetics from China is infused in design concept and takes shape in the form. The works is simple and elegant. Most elements in my work come from Nature. I turn the accessories into micro-sculpture reminiscent of the humanity.

Sketchbook of Life


Tsai, Erh-jung

    It combines Chinese paper craft of 1500-year-old tradition with the Mazu worship in Taiwan. The exhibition centers on the paper statue of the Goddess Mazu. And there will be smaller scale of paper-made works on display.

Bamboo Paper Statue of the Goddess Mazu


Chan, Yuk-heung

    There are three different color arrangements, which bring out three complete different emotions.  The end products are solidarity, peacefulness and harmony. Solidarity harmonizes the original feeling of conflicts. And there is also a sense of peacefulness, which helps bring out tranquil comfort. Finally, but not least, there is the sense of harmony which demonstrates ampleness.

Color Palette Hedgehog Clutch Purse

    Meetings with buyers and live demo events by Taiwan craftmen will be arranged at "Taiwan Pavilion". Buyers seeking for business opportunities with taiwanese craftsmen, please contact Ms. Angelika Weng. We will arrange meeting for you.

Contact person: Ms. Angelika Weng
Tel: +886-2-8758-5836

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