Merck Opens Asia Regional Integrated Circuit Material Applications Research and Development Center in Taiwan


Merck, a leading science and technology company establishes its first regional IC material application lab in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Key areas of focus include CVD/ALD materials for thin-film processes and conductive pastes for back-end packaging interconnects and die attach. The unique features will allow IC packaging to further shrink in size, provide efficiency and ensure environmental friendliness. In general, the R&D efficiency for material development will increase up to 70%, which translates into faster time to market for local customers. The semiconductor packaging lab will provide service to both Taiwan and Asia customers in in the neighboring countries, such as South East Asia, Korea, Japan and Mainland China. “We chose Taiwan to set up the Asia Region IC Materials Application R&D Centre, because Taiwan is at the forefront of technology development for the semiconductor industry, we have strong and professional local engineering team to support our customers, and Taiwan is located in the center of Asia to support the whole region.”