Meeting with Minister of Economy Shen Jong-chin


This morning GTO Executive Director, Axel Limberg, met with Taiwan’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Shen Jong-chin, to talk about GTO’s recently conducted Business Confidence Survey. The survey is designed to inquire about the experience and outlook of German companies based in Taiwan. Mr. Limberg highlighted that the majority of German companies that participated in the survey have a positive outlook on their business ventures on the island, and hopes that Taiwan will continue to develop into becoming a major trade hub in the Asia Pacific region. He also voiced some of the major concerns German companies have within Taiwan’s business environment, including environmental rules and costs, and shortage of skilled labor. Minister Shen emphasized that keeping a healthy business environment in Taiwan is critical to ensure that foreign companies continue to operate in Taiwan and use it as an important base within the Asia Pacific region. He also assured Mr. Limberg that Taiwan’s government is focusing heavily on tackling the mentioned challenges by continuing to improve Taiwan’s environmental legislation and focusing on attracting foreign talent. GTO will present its survey results later this month on November 30th.