Taiwanese-German Industrial Design Conference

23.01.2018 | 01:30 PM
- 05:30 PM
Precision Machinery Research & Development Center No.17, 27th Road, Taichung Industrial Park, Taichung


Linda Blechert
Phone: +886-2-8758-5804
Email: blechert.linda(at)taiwan.ahk.de


The German Trade Office Taipei invites you to attend the conference:

Taiwanese-German Industrial Design Conference 2018

Date: Tuesday, January 23rd
1.30 p.m. - 2.00 p.m. Registration
2.00 p.m. - 5.30 p.m. Conference

Please note that we have moved the event to a new location!

New Venue: Precision Machinery Research & Development Center
No.17, 27th Road, Taichung Industrial Park, Taichung, Taiwan 

Tentative Conference Agenda: PDF

The delegation visit will start off with a joint conference at the Taichung Industrial Park, supported by the Smart Machinery Promotion Office. Taiwanese producing companies of all industries and sizes are invited to join the conference and learn about the Creative Industries and Industrial design both in Taiwan and Germany, as well as everything about the visiting industrial designers. The conference is free to attend. If you are interested, please follow the Event Registration button at the top of the page.

Attending the conference will be free of charge. 

There will be a simultaneous translation into English and Chinese.


Background of the Delegation:

The German Ministry of Economic Affairs has been financing initial business contact delegation visits by small- and medium-sized German companies of various industries to destinations worldwide via its “Mittelstand Global” initiative. For 2018, the German Trade Office Taipei was able to win support for a delegation visit of Industrial Designers to Taiwan. The delegation visit shall provide German Designers and Taiwanese Manufacturers of all branches with a platform to make first initial contact with one another and lay out possible future paths for cooperation.

More information regarding the “Mittelstand Global” Foreign Market Entry Programme for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises can be found at www.ixpos.de/markterschliessung and in our flyer about the program: PDF

The German Industrial Designers offer the following services:

  • Improve the design, function, engineering and marketing of a product
  • Develop product designs especially for the European / German market
  • Develop and improve the design of digital user interfaces

Individual Face-to-Face Meetings with German Industrial Designers

Dates: January 24th – 25th, 2018
Location: All over Taiwan

Furthermore, Taiwanese companies of all industries and sizes can now register for nonbinding and free face-to-face meetings with one or more Industrial Designers from Germany, most suitable to their individual needs and interests. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Project Manager, Ms. Linda Blechert, Blechert.Linda(at)taiwan.ahk.de, Tel: +886 2 8758 5804.


Delegation participants (in alphabetical order):




Company Presentation: PDF

"8quadrat design is a strategic industrial design consultancy based in coburg, germany. Our well rehearsed team develops brand building, innovative and human centered design solutions. We support international clients from the initial product idea/briefing until the market launch.

We offer a unique service in the development of complex user experience scenarios, the creation and engineering of new products and brands as well as strategic consultancy in brand marketing. Our key aspects are to make our designs believable, understandable and giving them a measureable value. This means to create highly emotional products with an market related design language and a strong acceptance on the market.

To gain most effective workflows and best possible output our design team relies on its holistic working process including for example user experience research, early stage rapid-prototyping or in-depth target group and user experience analysis.

We are your reliable partner right away. Our design team works together closely with our clients in matters of UI, UX, product development and strategy. Our aim is to give our customers full control in the development process, to have flat decision hierarchies and an effective cost overview. Our long term experience as well as renowned design awards confirm our compence in the design and development business."




Company Presentation: PDF 

"We are an independent, award-winning product design consultancy based in Munich, Germany. We offer a unique set of skills: in-depth multi-perspective research, followed by a thorough creative process involving rethinking entire product concepts and user experiences. 

Design is our Passion: Eckstein Design is a functional and esthetic industrial design agency of the highest quality. Design is a problem solving discipline, yet the problems concerned are rarely well-defined or understood from the outset. We help clients undertake a deep investigation of a project's context, looking at it from various perspectives: user, brand, strategy, innovation and viability. For each task we apply the most suitable combination of intuitive and analytical methods.

We see industrial design as a partnership, a service that increases the value of a product and improves its long-term market opportunities. 

We dedicate ourselves fully to every project, contributing a wide range of expertise and experience, and above all a passion for interesting challenges."




Company Presentation: PDF

"INDEED’s vision is to establish design as the single most effective steward of our being human in the computational age. The future is too important to be left to technocrats and technologists. More than ever, we need human-centered innovation. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will only be human if we design for it. Therefore INDEED claims: “Human-first in innovation”.

INDEED’s team of designers, innovation specialists, engineers and business strategists is multi cultural and their client base global. Embracing advanced technologies, they combine business savvy with the vision and creativity needed to thrive in a globally connected world. Based on a no-bullshit, highly collaborative approach, as well as their seamless interplay of design, engineering, and strategy, they translate complexity into smart, surprisingly simple solutions.

Thus helping companies such as Melitta, Wagner, Freudenberg, KABA and Beiersdorf, as well as international corporations like Airbus, the Linde Group and Turkish industrial group Eczacibasi innovate in the computational age."




Company Presentation: PDF   

"Designing Growth by Enriching Life: We use our 16 years of experience and excellence in the design and development of products to build meaningful business opportunities. From developing new products to creating original services or value propositions for an idea, we work with you to hit the ground running and bring to life ideas that endure.

Our team of creative experts is able to translate visionary concepts and innovative ideas into tangible products – in a cooperative process, with your goals in mind. We revise, sharpen and polish every detail to create a cohesive, desirable product which is designed for manufacturability.

IDEATION: To transfer ideas into visual forms, we explore shapes that best fulfil user needs and express company values. In constant exchange with the client, we reshape the product architecture, and build volume mock-ups or cosmetic models to generate a better product understanding and develop technical functionality.
PRODUCT DESIGN: We create user centered product designs through an iterative product development process that is focused on HQ-visualisation and prototyping. Our expertise in mechanical and technical design means we create products that result in the highest degree of feasibility and are ready for production.
IMPLEMENTATION: We care about fulfilling specific technical requirements. We offer sourcing support, review production samples and help to establish efficient vendor communication to keep the production process on track and moving forward."




Company Presentation: PDF


Services: technical illustrations, museum and exhibition design, etc. Mold & model making, 3d-print (prototypes, visual samples, museum objects, customer presents, production inlays, molds, small series) model construction, and ci-design.




Company Presentation: PDF                     

"studiokurbos is a design studio in the center of the city of Stuttgart, Germany. Since its founding in 2013, the 25-member team has been developing automotive, product, and user experience design with the focus on aesthetic, intuitive and digitally connected cars and products.

Through international design projects, the young company has successfully established itself as a design brand. On 600 square meters, studiokurbos unites seven different nationalities as well as over 50 cross-industry customers worldwide. From the sketch, to the CAD data production and the user experience, studiokurbos covers the entire design process."