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Before you get involved in the Taiwanese market, you should know what you can seldom find in guide books:

What about the economic, political, social and cultural aspects that need to be considered when sourcing from, exporting to or investing into this market? Which chances and challenges could you come across through your future engagement here? What are the major differences to Germany?

Want to know more?

How many people live in Taiwan? Which products are the most important export goods? Here you can find some basic information and economic data about Taiwan. In a direct comparison to Germany.

Market Leader Taiwan

  • 98.0% of all motherboards world wide are manufactured in Taiwan
  • 93.3% of the Notebook PCs world wide are produced in Taiwan
  • 88.0% of DSL gadgets are made in Taiwan
  • 87.5% of all WLAN gadgets are fabricated in Taiwan
  • Nearly half of the IT companies in Asia are located in Taiwan