An outstanding location

In the Heart of Europe

Germany's central position in the heart of the European continent allows investors to reach the entire market of the European Union, as well as the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. They represent a total population of 853 million.

Germany: Locomotive of the European Economy

Huge investments made in the course of German unification and European integration have turned Germany into the locomotive of the European economy. Investors can be sure of finding all of the resources they need to succeed: an infrastructure that is second-to-none within the European Union and expertise based on decades of experience in European east-west integration, covering the whole range of economic and political relations.

Aiming to Integrate the Markets of Central and Eastern Europe

The next great challenge is to pursue and expand the process of restructuring and integration of the various European markets, in which Germany intends to assume a central function as the interface to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Take Advantage of the Potential for Growth Offered by a Highly Promising Market

Take the road to success by investing in one of the world's most exciting and dynamic marketplaces - Germany Trade and Invest.



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