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Top-level positions

Economically Baden-Wurttemberg is considered to be one of the strongest federal republics in Germany - and not without reason. With a GDP of more than 26,000 euro per capita the state is well above the German (22,800 euro) and the European (20,000 euro) average. One of the highest economic growth rates within Germany, the largest European market, is also prescribed to the unique dynamic of the Baden-Wurttemberg economy. At 8,100 euro per inhabitant the volume of exports from Baden-Wurttemberg is well above the federal average (6,800 euro), and perceptibly ahead of that of other industrial nations such as Japan (3,000 US$) and the USA (approx. 2,500 US$). A proud 1.7 % of global exports originate from this federal state alone. One in five machines throughout the world were produced in Germany. And by far the majority of them came from Baden-Wurttemberg. Global players such as DaimlerChrysler, Bosch, Porsche, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, SAP and others are based in Baden-Wurttemberg.